Optimize the results of your campaigns in Google Display Video 360, with the addconversionDV360 algorithms.


With the addconversionDV360 application, you can create specific optimizations for your campaigns in Google Display Video 360.



Define your objectives, addconversionDV360 will optimize the variables of bids, costs and budgets, improving the results of the campaign.


Configure the funnel strategy of the conversion process. addconversion balances the budgets between the different phases of the funnel.


Optimize your targets identifying the best variables of your targets.


Improve the specific variables of your target strategies.

Funnel intelligence

Funnel user

Know the behavior of users in the funnel, identifying how they are distributed in the different phases.


addconversionDV360 will identify the best bid for each phase, identifying the best set of bids for each phase of the funnel.

Gold cost

addconversionDV360 optimiza el mejor coste objetivo para cada fase del funnel. Identificando el conjunto de variables de coste objetivo para el funnel.



The application will identify improvement opportunities, users will receive an improvement alert, we can see the list of opportunities in the suggestions option.

Top optimization

We can see the best improvement options for each phase/resource in the top optimization option.


We can configure the optimization so that addconversionDV360 automatically makes the improvement changes.



  • addconversion offers partners a relationship model that facilitates the use of addconversion technology.

Benefits of addconversion partners:

    • Increases competitiveness:
      • Offering your customers advanced AI models for Google apps.
    • Increase productivity:
      • addconversion’s AI models perform the calculation tasks of your business processes.
    • Improve results:
      • Using mathematical rules that identify variables of higher performance and opportunities, creating instructions that are executed in Google applications.
    • Improve your applications:

    Through addconversionAPI increase the competitiveness of your native apps.


addconversionTECH is the technological architecture that supports applications connected through the addconversionAPI.


This module provides the necessary information to identify improvement decisions.

Connect APIs

We can connect different applications through the addconversion APIs module.

Inteligencia artificial

  • With the different data resources this module can identify improvements and execute them on the corresponding platform.


This module predicts the results that will be obtained from the decision history.


Activate the algorithms in your advertisers in three steps, and taking a few minutes:
Link an advertiser
Create a campaign
Configure product / brand
  1. Access the addconversion platform and register the advertisers where the addconversion algorithms will be applied.
  1. Create a campaign, and a Line Item with the campaign settings.

Activate the campaign when you receive the addconversion confirmation.



access one of the addconversion applications
addconversionDV360 is an application that improves your business processes on Google’s Display Video 360 platform.

BENEFITS addconversionDV360

  • Implement optimizations in your Display Video 360 campaigns in a few minutes.
    • Customize addconversionDV360, and offer your clients an advanced AI application.
    • Improve the competitiveness of your applications by adding new features to your native applications with addconversionAPI technology. 


  • access one of the addconversion applicationsaddconversionDV360 is an application that improves your business processes on Google’s Display Video 360 platform.


Addconversion is an ecmware product with the mission of obtaining knowledge from big data technologies with a direct business application.

The ecmware team has been working for more than 20 years in the treatment of large information algorithms.